As a consistent further development of our many years of artistic work, we now want to introduce our art to a wider general public with our newly founded brand, WeigleArt. The artists who offer their works under this label are A. Cornelia Weigle and Sven Weigle.

Sven Weigle

I came into contact with web design, graphic design, photography and the wide field of art at a very early age because of my grandparents’ reproduction business, Weigle Reprotec. Primarily due to the influence by my grandfather, Theo Weigle, a successful painter and sculptor, art has become an important and decisive part of my life and I pursue it with great passion. During my stays in the United States, I was able to impress with several exhibitions on the topic Art meets Graphic Design and received numerous awards for my art exhibits as “Outstanding Male Artist”.

I describe my art as expressive-abstract „grafic art“. The realisation of such artistic projects, particularly the implementation of something abstract into something specific, delights and fascinates me. A special feature of my work is the compositional creative interplay of the various picture elements. This interaction of the independent but also reuniting picture levels creates an exciting and simultaneously fascinating picture atmosphere. With my works of art, I want to not only delight the viewer and take him from the daily routine into a world of artistic variety but also to allow room for individual interpretations and great pleasure. As inspiration, I use the variety of life and nature and my experience in the interaction with people who, with their individuality, behaviour and being as they are, repeatedly provide me with new input for my artistic work and my own development.

A. Cornelia Weigle

After the artistic influence of my father, Theo Weigle, and jobs in Art Direction / Copywriting / Marketing and Concept Design at numerous international advertising agencies, I have worked as a Visual Artist for many years. Through the founding of the “Wuppertal Creative Workshop”, I have also intensively occupied myself with Art Pedagogy and the advancement of children and adolescents. After studies in psychology, sociology, art and psychoanalytical art therapy and several further training programmes in psycho-oncology, I have worked as a psycho-oncologist, art therapist and relaxation teacher in my own practice and at the Interdisciplinary Centre for Palliative Medicine of the Düsseldorf University Clinic, with a focus on most seriously ill patients and their relatives, for many years. I also work as a lecturer and in the field of education, further education and further training and in the field of consultancy, coaching and prevention.

Contrary to the artistic-aesthetic claim that I, as an artist, associate with my paintings, art therapy is based on a profound understanding of the interaction of art and therapy and uses a theoretical-methodical approach based on a basic psychodynamic understanding and an inseparable interaction of artistic and psychological processes. The picture is more or less the mirror of the soul; according to Schopenhauer a “visual truth” so to speak. A commitment to performance is not involved. It is rather about the process of creation but even more about the analysis of the things created.

I paint my own paintings as a visual reflection of my inner emotions that I experience in an often intense encounter with people and that I want to share with others through the creations. Furthermore, a fascinating dialogue with myself and an intensive, exhilarating feeling emerge in the course of the artistic implementation and such feeling allows me to develop a deeper and more comprehensive understanding of my inner self. Art therefore serves not only my own realisation but rather wants to touch, encourage, or inspire the viewer and, above all, spread joy by sharing and giving way to feelings, thoughts and associations ...

Passion and Profession.
A Cross-Generation Concept.